Celebrating Diversity for All

We are an online Greetings Cards, Gift Wrap & Stationery Boutique with a mission to promote diversity and inclusion in the greetings cards and gift wrap industry, every sprinkle at a time.

Sending a card or giving a gift is just a way to sprinkle some love.

 Skin Tone Cards


All designs under the Skin Tone Cards range are available in multiple shades;

Chocolate - Medium Brown Skin Tone

Espresso - Deep Brown Skin Tone

Latte - Pale Brown Skin Tone

More shades will be available soon! 




a compulsive gift giver.

"I'm a self-confessed giftaholic"


My Sprinkles of Love, was created by a self-confessed Giftaholic, who was bored and frustrated by the greetings cards and gift wrap available, like… Hello can we get some cute levels of diversity on the shelves please???   

Add your details and we promise to keep you in the loop when we relase new designs and promotions.