Our Story




a compulsive gift giver.

"I'm a self-confessed giftaholic"



I’m Simone the creator of My Sprinkles of Love, as a self-confessed Giftaholic, I was simple bored and frustrated by the greetings cards and gift wrap available, like… Hello can we get some cute levels of diversity on the shelves please???   

I always strive to make the gift-wrapping look just as fabulous as the gift inside or for it to be a card to be remembered  (I have saved every cute or cool birthday card and Christmas card I’ve ever received).


I started experimenting with design sites like MoonPig.com, but again ended up feeling  bored and frustrated from spending hours sifting through templates and editing, I then started to design my own gift wrap (which is super amounts of fun and a joyful way to spend my free time, almost as much as searching for the perfect gift), friends and especially my little cousins who were so happy and pleased the characters looked like them or have hair like theirs loved the gift wrap and then people started asking me if they could buy it from me….so I took a leap of faith and launched! 


My Sprinkles of Love is dedicated to my younger cousin Melissa and her little people Aaliyah & Amara who inspired my journey.  Its’ always great to have enthusiastic supporters when the darker moments of doubt creep in! 


I hope you enjoy the collection of cards and gift wrap just as much as I have enjoyed creating them.